En este vídeo, se ve brevemente como muchos monjes budistas, desayunan juntos en silencio, y como lo viven muchos occidentales, aparentemente muy felices:).

Título: A Day in the Life of Buddhist Zen Monks
Idioma: Inglés

Descripción del vídeo:

What follows is a day at a Japanese Zen temple. Buddhist monks and nuns from all over the globe get up at dawn for early morning sutra reading. Let's take a look.

The Bukkokuji Zen Temple lies in the mountains of western Japan. Foreigners account for half of the monks and nuns boarding at the temple. After chanting scriptures, the Buddhist monks have breakfast together in complete silence.

The temple's Zen Master was a kamikaze pilot before he entered the world of Zen.

[Rev. Tangen Harada, Japanese Zen Master]: (male, japanese)
"No matter whether you're a Japanese or a foreigner, such differences are something superficial. We don't even care here about where people come from."

Shirley Helvey is from the United States. She became a Buddhist nun after she lost her husband ten years ago. She's been living at this Zen temple for four years now, under her new name of 'Somyo.'

[Shirley Helvey-Somyo, American Buddhist Nun]: (female, english)
"It's very much of a routine. Every day is like the day before. We have certain days that are celebrations and things, but other than that, each day is very, very routine."

Tzeela Irwin is a Buddhist nun from Israel.

[Tzeela Irwin-Jishin, Israeli Buddhist Nun]: (female, english)
"Before, I was getting homesick sometimes and would miss my friends, the foods and the weather, but now, no. This is my home now."